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There are just some topics that most people feel...
There are just some topics that most people feel...
There are just some topics that most people feel...

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There are just some topics that most people feel uncomfortable talking about. Certainly churches don’t talk about them from the stage. Join us starting Easter Sunday as we tackle some of the more controversial and taboo issues of our times.

04.05.15 Watch & Listen Now
Social Networks

Even though God created us as social creatures, many times our social networks are dysfunctional and even debilitating. This series will outline biblical perspectives and skills so that our social networks are healthy & fulfilling.

02.08.15 Watch & Listen Now
Excuse Me

When challenged to do the uncomfortable, we have no shortage of excuses. I can't, I don't know how, or I don't have time. Excuses are our attempt to avoid anything uncertain or uncomfortable. Join us for this series as we seek to eliminate our excuses and embrace God's mission.

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Single Sermons 2015 01.04.15 Watch & Listen Now

Tags on people. Tags on places. Tags on presents. A tag. An identity. A name. This series will explore four of the most popular names for Jesus.

12.07.14 Watch & Listen Now

Once a Christ-follower begins to understand who he/she is in Jesus, the work is only beginning. Now there is a transformation that needs to take place in terms of their behavior and experience. This rebranding begins on the inside of the person and makes its way to the outside. This series will show clearly how you can cooperate with God in aligning what you do with who you are.

10.05.14 Watch & Listen Now
Identity Theft

Everything and everyone around me is trying to define who I should be. It’s confusing. I don’t need to know who I should be as much as I need to know who I am. Who am I?

09.07.14 Watch & Listen Now

No person wants to settle for ordinary, for themselves or the people they love. Parents certainly want extraordinary for their child, yet many feel overwhelmed and way too ordinary for the task at hand. This series will give help and motivation to the person who desires to see extraordinary potential turn into extraordinary impact.

08.03.14 Watch & Listen Now
God Is Part 2

There is no shortage of opinions about who God is and what He is about. It is human tendency to create God in our own image. The result is that we hold to some strange misconceptions about God. Ancient See-ers saw vivid glimpses of God, and pieced together, their visions provide an incredibly clear picture of exactly who GOD IS.

05.25.14 Watch & Listen Now
Vintage Jesus

Who was Jesus—really, and why did he come? Our culture has attributed sayings to him he never uttered, ignored claims he did make, and refashioned him into somebody they feel more comfortable with. This series will help us rediscover who he is, what he said about himself, and what he’s doing right now.

04.20.14 Watch & Listen Now